Associated Students

Simon Fraser University

Mana Dembo

I am interested in the evolution of anatomically modern humans. My PhD research focuses on the debate of modern human origins by re-evaluating non-metric craniofacial characters of the Middle-Late Pleistocene hominin fossils.
mana.dembo [at]

Luseadra Mckerracher

I am examining the relationships between a number of biogeographic variables and patterns of human infant feeding behaviors, primarily complementary feeding behviors, cross-culturally.
ljm [at]

April Ruttle

I am interested in processes of cultural transmission, and in the effect of environmental factors on the social structure and cultural repertoires of human groups. For my Masters research, I tested the effect of resource risk on the structure of subsistence toolkits among a cross-cultural sample of small-scale, food-producing societies. For my PhD, I am focusing on the evolution and cultural transmission of religion.

Kathleen Scheper

I am interested in great ape communication systems, the evolution of language, and am currently studying the origins of laughter. More specifically, my M.A. thesis is an investigation of the relationship between vocalizations and facial expressions among orangutans in the context of tickling and social play.
kscheper [at]

Don White
Interdisciplinary Studies

I am interested in resolving several continuing debates between evolutionary psychology and other disciplines over the evolutionary explanation of human behavior, and have a long-term goal of developing a more integrated, theoretically consistent framework for the human evolutionary behavioral sciences.

University of British Columbia

Adam Baimel

I am interested in religion as a broad topic of inquiry in the psychological sciences. My MA work explored how participation in a synchronous ritualized activity with others fostered increased perspective taking – highlighting how rituals have culturally evolved to exploit our social cognition in ways that sustain coordination and cooperation. More recently, I have become interested in the mechanism by which feeling ‘awe’ leads individuals to think they have experienced something meaningful. 

Lauri Jang

Interested in evolutionary approaches to understanding decision making in 18th century British fiction.
laurij [at]

Rita McNamara

I am interested in the cultural evolutionary implications of religion’s impact on prosocial behaviour and the cognitive biases that distinguish religious believers from non-believers. I study the differential effects of Christian vs. traditional ancestor-worshiping religious beliefs on prosocial behaviour in Yasawa, Fiji. I also study how different backgrounds of religious belief may influence various cognitive biases among religious believers and non-believers in Canada.

Damian Murray

I study the impact that infectious disease has on social behaviors, on personality, and on the emergence of cross-cultural differences. I also study the psychology of fire.

Cindel White

I am interested in the evolution of prosocial behaviour and religious beliefs.  Currently, I am investigating the psychology of karmic beliefs, and how belief in karma affects moral judgements and behaviours.